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Monday, August 05, 2013

Quite possibly the biggest challenge to my training and nutrition plan: My job. I spent the weekend in San Francisco at SF Chefs, where I was surrounded by this:

And this:

And that's only what I captured in photos. There was also an oyster and Scotch pairing, Campari snowcones, sweet corn gelato, caramel popcorn with truffle salt, spicy shrimp risotto, more pork than you could ever imagine (yes, the pork trend is still going strong), lamb meatballs, wild salmon on crispy nori, gazpacho galore, mini chicken tacos and bottle after bottle of wine. Oh, and I may or may not have done tequila shots one night while dancing to really bad music at an after-hours party and then took a quick nap on a drag queen's bosom.

Of course, because I have a sick Type A personality, I tracked all of this on Training Peaks. (OK, everything except for the drag queen part. There is no graph for that activity.) The results were not pretty. Dear Coach Mark: Please don't look at my charts from the weekend.

Thankfully, though, the weekend wasn't all debauchery and fatness. I went to a Bar Method class yesterday (and am so sore today that it hurts to shrug myself into a sweater), and I got a 45-minute run in on Saturday morning.

That run may or may not have ended at the Ferry Building with a big bowl of cheese grits buried under a poached egg and pancetta.

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