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Monday, July 02, 2012

California foie gras bans that went into effect: One.

Bowls of foie gras ramen eaten before said ban: One, at Bar Terra. (And it was ridiculously good -- a Hokkaido-style miso-based broth with two foie dumplings and a piece of seared foie on top. Oh lordy.)

Wine events involving an insane amount of Chardonnay: One. (For the record, Presqu'ile was my favorite discovery. Love the acid on those wines.)

Women who tripped during said wine event, thus falling on the wine glass strung around their neck on a necklace (yes, people wear this stuff), thus breaking that glass, thus cutting their neck open, thus bleeding everywhere, thus requiring an ambulance: One. (Thankfully only one. But still: One too many.)

Pieces of gluten-laden flatbread consumed during said wine event because there was literally nothing else to eat and the tasting went on all day: Eight. Perhaps more. I may have eaten an entire pizza. (On top of the foie gras ramen.)

Miles of training that did not get completed due to gluten overload and GI distress: 70. That's right. I skipped riding the whole Vineman route and then some yesterday because my stomach was in revolt. Also, I thought I might be getting a sore throat.

Episodes of "Breaking Bad" watched from bed while recovering from above gluten overload/sore throat: Six.

Orange cat princesses that were thrilled to have mom stay home instead of ride her bike: One (who so clearly has a rough life).

Days left before Vineman: 13. (Frick!)


Carisa said...

This has to be one of my favorite posts to date. 1) Because it involved consumption of something soon-to-be banned 2) Although as horrifying and unfortunate as the wine-glass wearing incident was, the a**hole in me found the description a little funny (I hope she doesn't read this blog) and for the most part I am definitely concerned for her, but how do you even explain that to a) the doctor? b) your co-workers? and c) your friends at AA?

Michaela said...

You're not as bad as I am. When I first saw the blood, my mind went immediately to Zombie Apocalypse.

Layla said...

LOL! Wine-drinking zombies!! I do not understand those wine glass necklace holders. First, wouldn't it slosh? Second, wouldn't it bounce? And now, the third scenario I had never even imagined. I'm guessing those paramedics and firefighters enjoyed telling that story.

I'm kicking myself for never trying foie gras. I guess I'll just have to leave the state and try it. Also, you make ramen sound delicious, even though it's been a gigantic disappointment when I've had it.

Michaela said...

I bet Alinea has foie ... ;)

Carisa said...

I was re-telling the wine necklace story at work today and couldn't stop laughing. I know it's horrible, but I can't help it. Hmm, now my mind is going to vampire party where wine glass lady is the guest of honor.

Michaela said...

Vampire party: She'd be cutting her neck and squirting into a wine glass. And then Dracula, Angel and Edward Cullen would swirl, sip and say: "Blackberry with a hint of toast. Full-bodied. Long finish."

Michaela said...

I'm going to hell, just fyi.

RoadBunner said...

omg. foie gras ramen sounds amazing. amazing!

Michaela said...

It was! Unfortunately, that may be the last time I'll ever have it. Such a bittersweet experience.

Carisa said...

Don't forget Erik and Bill. And there would probably be at least a few fairies present.

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