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Monday, July 23, 2012

... in the week that has passed since Vineman:

Decided to do it again next year. Because it is awesome and now I want to go faster.

Spent a ridiculously long time on the Ironman and Rev3 sites, looking for other 70.3 races to do. (Portland, anyone?)

Registered for Ukiah.

Completed the equivalent of a half Ironman in food, a.k.a. Morimoto's 12-course tasting menu, which included this gorgeous tuna tartare:

(Doesn't it look like a mini Zen garden just waiting to be raked?)

Celebrated my brother's return to California with a ridiculous amount of ramen -- first this soy milk bowl from Shoki:

And then their seasonal tomato ramen (ah-mazing!):

Agonized over my Vineman splits. If my bike leg hadn't been so incredibly snail-paced (the slugs that continually invade my bathroom -- yes, they really do this -- can probably cycle faster than me), I would've easily had a sub-7 race.

(Tell me this is not the most disgusting thing ever. And yet it resembles me on a bike.)

Went to the Trek store to try to figure out if my cycling issues are my fault or my bike's fault.

Made plans to take the full-carbon Madone on a test ride up Chalk Hill. (Dear Trek: You are very brave, trusting people.)

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