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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Since I can't seem to click my heels together the right number of times or pick the winning Lotto numbers to magically transport myself to a tropical island, I went for the next best thing: Sol Food.

This Puerto Rican restaurant is a favorite -- so popular, in fact, that there are two locations within blocks of each other in downtown San Rafael. (Kind of like Del Taco in Costa Mesa, only not.)

I ended up sitting at a community table next to some former hippies (after all, this was San Rafael). In front of me was a plate heaping with thinly-sliced bistec encebollado, rice and pink beans, two kinds of plantains and some salad. And there was also a jar (yes, a jar!) of limeade.

It was very nice. Not the tropics, but still very nice.

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