Saturday, December 22, 2007

Usually, 95 percent of the time, Christmas is my favorite holiday. But this year, it feels like just another item to check off on the never-ending to-do list.

There was no time or space to put up a tree, not even our teeny-tiny fake one that comes with all of its ornaments and a tree skirt. In fact, we are so behind that we still have mini pumpkins on the front porch. It's like we're permanently stuck in Thanksgivingland.

And then there was the shopping -- or lack thereof. I tried to order everything online, which worked, except that Todd's present is lost somewhere in cyberspace. I don't think it's shipped yet, and I ordered it two weeks ago. And apparently I can't even make an official complaint until Monday because I have to wait until after 15 days before I can contact customer service.

And Christmas cards -- usually a tradition that I enjoy -- may end up being more like New Year's cards. Possibly even Martin Luther King, Jr., Day cards.

And I had all of these plans for holiday baking. But how to find time to make food when last night's dinner consisted of a box full of leftover fries from the marketing team lunch on Thursday?

I desperately need an eggnog latte to cheer me up.

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