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what's in a name

A friend sent this to me ...

... and apparently I’m the Talented Glitter Biscuit-Wonder Bush. It’s great and all that my vagina is pretty much a circus of joy, and I’m completely on board with being more open about discussing vaginas and vagina-related things. (I may or may not have had too much Japanese whiskey once and given everyone a lecture on how we need to talk about vaginas more because the world is far too penis-centric, and when I’m passionate about something, I get really animated, so I spilled wine on the coffee table, and then Big Ginger made me drink water and go home, and then the next day I told him I feel zero remorse because it’s my duty as a partner to challenge him to be his best self.)

However, what about this blog’s name?


This is the French word for “cookie maker” or “cookie factory.” I started this blog when I was really into food and baking. I’m still into food and baking, only now I talk about triathlon and cats way more than I talk about cupcakes. But I figured I didn’t need to change my blog name because this is a personal blog, and I should be able to evolve and write about whatever I want. (For the record, my Twitter and Instagram handles are also @biscuiterie because someone somewhere told me consistency on social media is a good thing.)

But if "biscuit" is another word for "vagina," it seems I’ve inadvertently dubbed myself THE VAGINA FACTORY.

That’s right. “You get a circus of joy! And you get a circus of joy! We all get circuses of joy!” I’m like the vaginal Oprah, my friends.

And let's not forget that I also have pictures of cats everywhere and we all know what "pussy" means so basically I am ALL VAGINA, ALL THE TIME.

A more sensible lesser person would perhaps change blog names and social media handles. But I am not that person. Instead, I'd like to bake some multi-colored cookies, call them Glitter Biscuits, and hand them out while wearing this shirt.

Because circus of joy.

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