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party's over

All I can think about right now is how I really don't want the long holiday weekend to end. I need one more day of pajamas and sleeping in and "Gilmore Girls" (yes, the original and not the Netflix update because somehow I spent my whole life not ever seeing this show until now) and reading trashy novels and dressing the cats in tiny, cat-sized holiday outfits. (Confession: As I typed that last sentence, I briefly thought about dressing the mister in tiny, cat-sized holiday outfits. And then I realized what I was thinking and was sort of horrified but really proud of myself at the same time.)

Anyway, here are some highlights from the Christmas and New Year celebrations over the past few weeks.

Holidazzle in Loring Park: Love this art installation.

Santa is a Vikings fan, which means he's also destined to a life of disappointment and sadness.

My first white Christmas ever! At last!

Tiny, cat-sized holiday outfits!

I made Christmas dinner: Gluten-free ravioli from scratch.

Ultimate breakfast sandwiches on New Year's morning!

Children vs. mister: Children win.
(Please don't tell the mister I posted that last photo. He's probably already concerned about the tiny, cat-sized holiday outfits.)


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Congrats on the new gig!

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