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how to start the day

Not a bad spot for the trainer, right?

I love getting on the bike first thing in the morning, before the sun comes up. I love watching the sky shift from dark to day, the city lights sparkle and then go out, the streets slowly fill with people and cars.

But the best part of this wonderful, peaceful, pristine moment? Listening to really creepy-ass podcasts. Because nothing makes a pre-dawn workout fly by like stories of cannibalism and insane asylums and getting buried alive.

(If this sounds awesome to you, then we should be best friends and you should check out Lore and then we can drink whiskey and discuss our favorite episode, which for me is currently a tie between the Icelandic elves who live in giant boulders and the homeless man who broke into a mausoleum, fell through the floor and found himself in a pit of rotting corpses.)

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