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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I spent Sunday afternoon through yesterday morning (back in Seattle just in time for track) in the Columbia Gorge, taking media on a tour of several wineries in the area. 

Unforeseen adventures included one writer coming down with a fever. Another one slammed the car door on her leg, so many bags of ice and a search for arnica cream -- not easy when you are in the middle of nowhere -- were involved. Thus I found myself shutting car doors the rest of the trip and saying things like: "Watch your fingers and toes, everyone!" Ah, the wine life. So glamorous at times. Also, if I ever have kids -- which at this point, is highly doubtful -- I'm going to be an awesome mom.

But I digress. What really matters is how beautiful the Gorge is. 

First thought: Gah! Second thought: Where's my wetsuit?

Hood River Bridge

Look! I grew a tree out of my head!

This way to AniChe Cellars.

Tasting lineup at Syncline.

Yes, he's real. And you'll find him at COR.

I regret not buying a case of this.

With Rob McCormick of Memaloose. (Arnica cream not pictured.)

The view from Maryhill. I know, right?


Sunrise view from my room at Skamania Lodge yesterday.

I wish I could've stayed longer. There were so many hiking trails and waterfalls. So many places I wanted to run through and swim in and ride down and experience. But all of this will have to wait until after IMAZ. Countdown: 39 days.


Angela said...

When I come to western Washington, you are taking me wine tasting. End of story.

Michaela said...

Just don't shut the car door on your leg.

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