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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Feeling slightly guilty right now because I skipped a three-hour ride today. The weather just didn't clear up, and I was intimidated by the prospect of riding in the rain alone (bike buddy Rachel had to work), so I took a long nap instead (because if you're going to be lazy, be really, really lazy), then did a ridiculous amount of laundry (I still think they should change the sport to quadrathlon and make laundry the fourth event) and then ordered enough Vietnamese takeout to feed a small army. Before I knew it, the day had slipped away.

The weekend was not entirely wasted, though. I did get a ride in yesterday: Hill repeats with the team.

I don't know how something can be so painful and yet so fun at the same time. Oh wait -- I think maybe that describes triathlon perfectly.

My "I survived" face

Dumb things I did during this ride: Decided to pass five people on a hill during the warmup so I could ride next to Coach Mark at the front of the line. Heart rate went immediately to Zone 5. And I still tried to make conversation: "How was (gasp) your birthday? How is (gasp) the baby? How are (gasp) the cats? Don't mind (gasp) me -- I'm just going to (gasp) die here next to you!"

An even dumber bike-related thing: While putting the backseat down to make room for my bike, I hit my face against the side of the car. It hurt. A lot. And I immediately thought: I've given myself a black eye and should probably ice this. But I was in front of people, so I tried to be stoic and said nothing.

Until several minutes later when I realized I had actually cut my eyelid and blood was running down my face.

And then I started laughing hysterically, which is exactly the reaction that most normal people have when they realize their face is bleeding.

This is what my eye looks like now:

Call it "boxer chic"

I'm just thankful my skin is as dark as it is or the bruise would be much, much more visible. I swear, I'm an extra-special kind of stupid.

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Kimra said...

"you know how tough I am? tough enough that my face is bleeding and I DON'T EVEN CARE, SUCKERS."

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