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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I had elaborate plans to write about my adventures in scuba diving (since cycling and triathlon aren't expensive, time-consuming and complicated enough, I had to add another sport that involves a ridiculous amount of gear and travel -- makes perfect sense, right?) and how I spent last weekend completing the first part of the scuba certification process and how I still smell like chlorine from the pool training session and how I'm going to find Nemo and finally see whale poo in person. (Don't tell me I'm the only person who's ever somewhat obsessively wondered what whale poo looks like. Fellow freakshows, I know you're out there.)

But then I went to my StrikLee training session tonight and kind of died.

My coach upgraded me to a CompuTrainer once again (the first time he upgraded me was last week), so there was no escaping the numbers. And a good portion of tonight's workout involved either staying in Zone 5 or doing a series of standing sprints (which I absolutely hate more than anything -- I don't know what it is about standing, but it just burns up my legs in horrible ways I have never experienced before). I wanted to cry and puke. I almost did both. And I made a lot of very unladylike grunting noises.

But I did it. And my power output this week was much better than last week. (God, I never thought I'd be the person to care about this crap. But then again, I never thought I'd ride a bike like this. Or do a triathlon. Or want to see giant things in the ocean that could potentially eat me.)

I just really hope all of this suffering work makes me a better cyclist in the long run. And I also really hope I'll be able to walk tomorrow.

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