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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I love how you meet random people at races and end up running with them. I met this dude during the last mile or so of Kenwood, and we pushed each other to the finish. There's nothing like gasping words of encouragement to a total stranger and then sharing a high-five when you cross the line.

Similarly awesome: Seeing people you met at previous races. Case in point: Maniacal Laughter Guy (whose real name is Chi, in case you're wondering). He was at Kenwood too -- and wearing his maniacal headphones, which meant he was probably also listening to his maniacal podcast. Yes!


Most of the time when I'm running, I'm thinking about food. (Duh. Why else do I run in the first place?) I think about what kind of eggs I'd like for breakfast (usually poached, unless I'm cooking, and then I'll go with custard-style scrambled with Asiago and truffle salt). I also think about salty things, like fries and Kettle Chips and hash browns. And then there's ramen. Which has eggs and is salty. Dear ramen: Why are you so perfect?

If I'm not thinking about food, I do body scans. Head to toe. How is my alignment? Are my shoulders relaxed? Am I using my arms? Is my right foot turned out? Am I aiming forward and not bouncing up and down?


Lately, I've been worried that I've become dependent on running with other people. Other than the 3 x 1600 I did last Friday (this was pre-cake-baking and also contributed to why I stayed up so late because I had to wait until the weather cooled down before I could run), I've run either with my group, with a friend or with Todd.

I seem to push myself more when I'm with others. (Confession: It's possible I would've wimped out on my sub-2 attempt if Matt hadn't been there.) Also, it's harder to flake on a workout when someone else is involved.


I don't listen to music while running because I want to hear cars and evil assailants if they approach. That said, I do hype myself up with music on the way to a race. Yesterday, it was all about Joan Jett. And of course, "Super Bass." What can I say? I'm obsessed.


D said...

2words: egg paradise.

Michaela said...

Ohhhhhhhh. Egg paradise!

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