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Monday, July 27, 2015

I spent last night setting up a mini terrarium to grow catnip for my cats. And subsequently wondering how long it will take for the cats to find the mini terrarium and completely destroy it before any catnip has actually grown.

Only $2! How could I resist?

I also don't want to talk about how many times I've watched this:

According to this study, my powers of concentration should be at peak levels now.

Which is good since I've kind of been all over the place lately. I don't even know where to start. There are biking stories to tell. And swimming adventures. And travels. And incredible meals. And a party that involved a dead lamb. (Don't worry -- this isn't as creepy-culty as it sounds.)

Since I am overwhelmed, here are a bunch of pictures of my cats.

Dear The North Face: Can Mouse be my #givepack hiking buddy?

Either my suitcase is really small, or Mari is "big-boned."

Maček's current status: Stealing your soul.

(Don't you feel so much more productive now? You're welcome.)

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