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Friday, January 02, 2015

You may correctly assume that since I am writing this post, I did not get lost in the shit room and die of starvation.

Instead, I tackled that beast.


It's far from done, but at least it looks like an actual room now. My plan is to get rid of that desk (which I've had since college), add another bookshelf, mount a TV on the wall and turn the whole thing into the most epic trainer room ever.

Which will be perfect, since riding outside right now is dumb. Last Tuesday, lured by the sunshine, I took Muppet out in 36-degree temperatures. About 10 minutes in, I was convinced I was going to lose my thumbs and end up one of those sad stories you see on Because even though I was wearing full gloves, the cold and pain was searing. I had to stop at a bike shop and buy two pairs of gloves (one of which was wool) and layer them. (And when I pulled my old gloves off to put the new ones on, my fingers were purple.)

And I was still so cold after the ride that I had to take a hot yoga class. (Haven't been to yoga in probably about two years. My balance was terrible.)

Anyway, here are some treasures I found while cleaning the shit room:

For the record: I don't even own a toaster.

Yes, that second one does say "Sex."

Still my favorite distance!

Other recent adventures included a walk on the beach on a very blustery day ...

(Isn't my Thermoball jacket cute? Thanks, The North Face!)

... celebrating Thai and Josh's gorgeous baby boy ...

Future Ironman!

(I cannot wait to meet him. I also can't stop buying adorable, small-human-sized outfits for him.)

... and of course, ringing in the New Year. 

Here's to 2015. Let's dream, let's travel, let's keep looking forward.


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