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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello from Eastern Washington, where I am hosting a wine writer for the week. Our dinner tonight was an adventure. Let's just say I can now cross "Watch extraordinarily drunk woman puke on the table at a nice restaurant" off of my life list. (I also saw her try to sleep on the table after barfing on it. And get dragged out of the restaurant by the two guys who were with her. And get followed to the car by a server carrying a trash can and her purse. And this all happened before 8 p.m.)

At least the food was nice.



Gluten-free warm melty brownie thing!

You know you're a professional when watching someone hurl no longer affects your appetite.


Layla said...

I'm not a professional, but despite the puke mention, I definitely want that scallop and that dessert thing. I've never had wagyu and don't know what it is (see also: not a professional), but I want that, too.

Angela said...

That food looks amazing. Even after the barf story.

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