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Monday, November 24, 2014

I know this is bad for the environment, but there is something strangely fascinating about a to-go sushi joint where all of the sushi is individually wrapped and displayed in a refrigerated case, and you go through and pluck out, piece by piece, everything you want and set it on a cardboard tray.

This actually tasted pretty good.

God, I'm so easily amused.

Anyway, that sushi was my first real meal here in England, eaten on the train from Waterloo to Wareham. (Also on the train, I got repeatedly poked on the head by a toddler who was fascinated by my hair. My hair did not reciprocate those feelings.) From Wareham, I caught a bus to Corfe Castle. And met a nice older lady who gave me sightseeing tips and told me which stop to get off at and also informed me that my hotel is haunted.

I haven't seen any ghosts yet. However, I have become painfully aware that I am by far the youngest guest here. And it's also extremely awkward and hilarious to have a romantic dinner in a historic inn in a beautiful Medieval village All By Yourself.

Here's to adventures!

I arrived just as the sun was setting.

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