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Saturday, November 22, 2014

I've spent the past few days wondering how to write about Ironman, how to capture the range of emotions that accompanied the event, how to express my overwhelming gratitude for my family and friends and Coach Mark and everyone who supported this ridiculous endeavor.

And I stared and stared at the computer screen and couldn't come up with words.

Thankfully, Bri used me as a guinea pig for an interview project, so instead of reading about Ironman, you now get to listen to me talk about it and watch me make stupid faces.

(And speaking of gratitude, I'm eternally in debt to Bri for not portraying me as a crazy cat lady who lives in filth.)

I will eventually write about the race and the days leading up to it and what has happened since. But right now I'm on a 24-hour layover in Chicago, where I've been stuffing my face ...

Ironman appetite!

... and admiring the view.

I'm about to head to back to the airport to catch a flight to Paris (can't stop won't stop don't wanna stop). More later, more soon.

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Kimra said...

Oh, now I'm crying. Screw you. (You're too cute.)

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