october together. with cats.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We briefly interrupt this Ironman training to bring you two things.

First, National Cat Day:

Uber was delivering kittens to raise funds for the Seattle Humane Society ...

... and we were lucky enough to schedule a visit.

Then: The World Series. (And you guys know even though I live in Seattle, I'm a San Francisco sports fan, and the Giants are my absolute favorite team. I love those boys and how scrappy they are. I love that ballpark. And I especially love eating all of the baked potatoes at that ballpark while watching those boys.)

And maybe this is too much information (but hey, when has that ever stopped me before?), but I get a little superstitious with baseball. So this happened:

Like you don't text on the toilet, too.

Yes, folks: I make a powerful poop.


Layla said...

Now you just need to become a Packers fan.

Michaela said...

I'll be a fan of every team that isn't the Seahawks or the Cowboys.

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