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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Been laying low -- somewhere during my recent travels, I caught a cold. And since I am doing Ride Around the Sound tomorrow -- 92 miles, my farthest ride ever and a gauge of what I will need to work on for IMAZ -- I'm currently wearing pajamas instead of running clothes. The plan is to rest as much as possible and save my lungs for the ride.

And what better way to gently nurture those lungs than to visit the corpse flower and its stench of rotting meat?

The corpse flower bloomed early yesterday morning, but by the time I went to see it around 8 p.m., it was already wilting. It still smelled like roadkill, though.

Of course, I interpreted the whole thing as a metaphor for relationships: Waiting and waiting for something incredibly special to happen, and then when it finally does, it stinks to high heaven, but for some reason, I still think it's cool, and then the whole thing starts dying almost immediately, big surprise. 

Quick, someone hand me a cat.

Anyway, here are some less depressing (and less pungent) things from last night:

There was also corpse flower pre-gaming at Dilettante, which has the best chocolate martinis I have ever tasted in my entire life. And they are only $6 during happy hour. And I am not a girly cocktail gal -- you all know I love me some rye -- but man, these were sinfully good.

Chocolate heals, right?

And before that (don't you love how this post follows a logical timeline?), there was a work lunch in West Seattle with this view:

All you people who think it rains all the time are so very, very wrong.

And then the view from the water taxi on the way back:

I know I said New York had an amazing skyline. But man, my city is pretty.


Layla said...

"Quick, someone hand me a cat."

Hahahaha! Oh my, I laughed out loud.

Michaela said...

Layla, it's the truth! Cats make everything better!

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