fitness faux pas

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'd like to think that one day, I will get through an indoor trainer session without being overcome by nausea. I actually had to stop mid-workout Tuesday, get off my bike and go to the bathroom because I really thought I was going to puke and/or shit my pants.

Note to self: Next time, make sure the bathroom you've chosen for refuge actually has toilet paper.


In other ridiculous news, yesterday I went for a run in the rain. And I thought I was a bad-ass -- that's right, people, the weather doesn't bother me! -- until I got back to the gym and looked in the mirror and realized my shirt was see-through. And I was also apparently really cold.


Did you know sitting is a death trap? My Pilates teacher asked me to make copies of this article and post it all over my office. Maybe I should also tiptoe up to my co-workers as they're hunched over their desks and whisper: I'm watching you die right now. Because that wouldn't get me fired or anything.


I don't really have a photo to go with this post. (Don't be sad. If you re-read the above paragraphs, you'll realize this is a very good thing.) Instead, here's some cat porn:

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THEM. xoxo, shaya

Michaela said...

I know!! I could watch this over and over. Oh wait. I already have!

naomi said...

My indoor bike trainer workouts are definitely not as intense as yours. I barely even break a sweat. Clearly I'm not doing it correctly, which is probably why my bike has yet to see the light of day...

Michaela said...

Naomi, you should check your local bike store and see if they have trainer workouts! You bring your bike and your trainer, and they coach you through a crazy-intensive session and critique your form. It's fantastic. But it makes me want to barf.

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