Monday, August 22, 2011

And the whole time I thought the reason was an unstoppable river of poo flowing beneath the city.


Derrick t. said...

I had a definite scare today. I was at the finish of the local 5K Run for the Arts where I was attempting to take pictures of the runners at the finish with my new camera. Anyway, I was at the 3.05 point where some guy is running full speed ahead (maybe 7+ pace) and he comes to a complete stop. He looks like death and is grunting loudly and I yell that he's almost there. He pulls over to the side about 15 feet from me and is hunched over. Then he leans himself against a tree. I am for sure he is going to spew. I hear him spit and I turn away (no need for 2 people to spew). I then look back at him and he's yelling...at me. I have no idea what he's saying because he may have been speaking in spanish or he was majorly slurring his words in between the panting. I thought he told me that I dropped something - he kept pointing to the ground...he then stumbles towards me. I for sure think he's stumbling to throw up on me at this point. He gets to me and he leans towards me and then shoves me. I was in shock and thought he wanted to throw up where I was standing and for me to get me out of the way. Then someone behind me asks if I dropped some keys and I told them they didn't belong to me. Apparently they belonged to the guy who was about to puke his guts out and he wanted me to get his key for him. :/

Michaela said...

Super scary -- I would've completely freaked out! When we were in Chicago, I had a close call -- we were coming back from a comedy show on the train. I was seated, and this girl came and stood over me. She was swaying and looked like she was about to hurl. I got out of the way as fast as possible!

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