and so we meet again, sf

Monday, August 01, 2011

So I ran SF after all. It was tough. I almost ended it with a DNF -- in fact, I was thisclose to dropping out at Mile 7.

Instead, I finished strong and knocked almost seven minutes off of my time from last year.

I'm too tired (and sore -- so unbelievably sore) to write a full report tonight (and go into detail about the near-DNF), but let's just say when it comes to a headstrong, stubborn girl vs. physical pain, the girl wins.

Especially when she's wrapped in a shitload of KT tape.


Average A said...

Whoa, congrats on shaving 7 minutes off your course record when you were about to DNF! Can't wait to read your recap. (And also, why didn't we get to meet up at this race?! GAH!)

Michaela said...

I didn't know you were running, too! Stupid me! Would've loved to have grabbed some post-race ramen. I have yet to go to Genki.

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