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Monday, March 08, 2010

How to count to 10 and say the alphabet in French. I also find it funny that the very first phrase we learned in tonight's class was: "Un bon vin blanc" -- a good white wine.


That human flesh is just like any other meat: Subject to freezer burn. Yes, folks, while attempting to ice my upper rectus femoris (or whatever it is), I accidentally gave myself freezer burn. But the good news is that my muscle pain seems to have lessened. Or maybe this is just because my skin is now bright red and so sensitive that all other pain pales in comparison.


That bowling technique can and will worsen with more pitchers of beer. However, bowling alleys make for good photos.


That you should not go for a hill run when it is unnaturally hot out and you are hungover from bowling alley beer. Also, if you are stupid enough to attempt such an ill-advised athletic endeavor and you experience stinging pain in your shoe, you should stop and look. Because the stinging pain is most likely a bug that has been biting your ankle for the past two miles.

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