Monday, November 02, 2009

... seems to be something I need more of.

For example, tonight I went to an amazing event for one of our wineries. Two of the "Top Chef" finalists -- this guy and this guy -- were there, and they were serving up an awesome backyard barbecue-type menu that included chicken wings (yes, Shara, I braved the bones), sweet potato fries, tater tots, cole slaw, collared greens and a buttermilk tart with honeyed cream and caramel sauce.

Yet somehow -- even though I was surrounded by a sea of very enthusiastic wine and food lovers -- I ended up finding the two people at the party who run and had a lengthy conversation about sports bras.

Seriously, WTF?

Makes me wonder what this blog is really about now. It started off as an exercise -- a place where I could re-learn how to write for myself after creative writing workshops and too much community journalism left me burned out and far too concerned about an "audience." Then it evolved into a wine blog -- I used it to keep track of what I was drinking and practice writing tasting notes. And then I started baking and became obsessed with cupcakes (although, perhaps, not so obsessed that I would drop $25K on a cupcake car that only goes 7 mph).

And then along came the running.

And now it feels like everything somehow revolves around running. Hell, I didn't even drink a drop of wine tonight -- not even one tiny sip -- because I've decided November is going to be my sober month as I prepare for CIM.

Which makes me think: Maybe my new motto should be "Eat to run, run to eat."

Or perhaps: "If everyone drove a cupcake car complete with matching muffin top hat, the world would be a better place."

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