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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I may have finally discovered the home of the best burrito in the Napa Valley: La Luna Market & Taqueria, a small Mexican grocery with a short menu of hot food, a whole bunch of piñatas hanging from the ceiling (yes, even a Miley Cyrus piñata) and two rickety picnic tables out front.

Met a friend for lunch there today. We both ordered super burritos sin carne. (I love how people are always shocked when I tell them to hold the meat -- they look at me like I'm crazy. But the truth is, I find it much easier to tell if a burrito is good or not when I can actually taste the beans, salsa and everything that's in it -- no meat to mask the flavors.) We also got a gigantic bag of tortilla chips (freshly fried -- they were dripping oil -- it was amazing), homemade salsa and some Arizona Green Tea. And this cost us about $19 total.

And man, was this a good burrito! The tortilla was perfect -- not rubbery, not cold, not dry. Good beans, really good salsa, good guac and good sour cream (not too thick, not too runny). Yo quiero mas ...

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