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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

In La-La Land visiting the parents. Whenever I visit them, they take me to their latest and greatest sushi discovery. This time, it was Sushi Ozekii. The place had a really modern vibe. And it was very L.A. -- in other words, plenty of "no rice" options because in this land, carbs are considered evil.

Not that carbs are ever a no-no for me. Hell, I run. I eat. And I'm Filipino. Rice is pretty much second nature to me.

I ordered a combination entree that included a crunch roll (shrimp tempura, crab, avocado) and a California roll (boring, I know) -- both rolls were big and fat and had lots of rice. But when I tried to find my usual nigiri choices on the menu -- tamago and saba -- they weren't there. I had to ask the server if they had them. Tamago was a yes (and it was quite tasty), but saba was a no, unfortunately. However, they did have Spanish mackerel, so I went with that.

The Spanish mackerel ended up being a fun choice -- two nigiri pieces, plus a sashimi piece served over onions with a cool-looking whole fried fish on the side. (I wolfed down the sashimi and nigiri, but I admit I was intimidated by the whole fish -- I'm not a fan of the small, spiky fish bones -- but my parents are brave souls. My mom ate most of the body, and my dad -- so freaking awesome -- tackled the head.)


Kate said...

It's funny that whole fish freaks you out but sweetbreads are no problem. I'm the opposite, although that meal you posted earlier looked tempting.

Michaela said...

It's a bone thing for me -- never a fan of eating anything off the bone. Fish bones, in particular, freak me out. I keep imagining accidentally swallowing one and feeling it scrape all the way down my throat. Ick.

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