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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Given that this blog is called "petit gâteau," you would think I was a hardcore baker.

Ha! And double ha!

Right now, I am in my kitchen, attempting to make chocolate red velvet cupcakes for the very first time. After doing some research, much of which was disappointing (I almost cried when I saw that the red velvet cake recipe in the mid-October issue of Southern Living magazine calls for boxed cake mix -- so much for authenticity), I decided to go with this blogger's recipe.

I followed it word for word, even going to two grocery stores in search of cake flour. (How is it that Whole Foods carries every single kind of flour there is -- even masa harina, pastry flour and the gluten-free stuff -- but no cake flour?) I also took note of Mz. Chockylit's comment that if she made these cupcakes again, she would add more cocoa. And I added more cocoa.

The only thing I didn't do was the red food coloring paste. Instead, I went with the liquid stuff.

Big mistake.

Even though I used the entire 2 oz. bottle of food coloring, my cupcakes are not even the remotest shade of red. There's not even a hint of scarlet to them whatsoever.

If pressed, I would describe the color as poo brown.

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