Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Once when I was feeling bad, Shaya got me a card that said "Falafel?" on the outside and "I hope you feel better soon" on the inside. I had it up on my wall for months and only took it down when I moved.

I heart falafel and all of its friends. I heart the crispy exterior and soft middle. I heart the hummus and tahini and warm pita bread and the nice salad that goes with it. I heart combining all those wonderful ingredients to assemble my very own custom-made falafel sandwich.

And I heart finding a decent place for falafel here in Napa. (Seriously, finding decent food in Napa that isn't being served at an expensive, sit-down restaurant is a real feat. I am patting myself on the back now.) I went to Small World for the first time today at lunch, and it was yummy, yummy, yummy. I got a falafel platter for $8.99 -- about five or six little falafel patties with sides of hummus, baba ganoush (man, that was good baba ganoush), salad (which I drizzled with tahini), red onions, perfectly ripe tomatoes (I don't know where the hell these came from since it's not tomato season, but these were really, really good) and a basket of warm pita bread.

My belly is happy.

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