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Friday, March 09, 2007

On Tuesday at our companywide meeting, I have to make a presentation about my job and exactly what it is I do. So instead of standing up and reading a list to everyone, I thought I would show them.

So I drew.

This is my cubicle. I have pretty much been sitting here since 7:50 this morning. I did not take a lunch break; instead, I ate my Ranchero salad (romaine, roasted corn and carne asada) at my desk. I am tired. I am stressed out. I am planning a 10-day media trip and I am sick of reviewing the itinerary and making last-minute changes and double-checking which wines we will present.

I wish I could just be in it already: Fast forward to the taking off, the landing, the shaking of hands, the hauling of bottles into taxis, onto subways; the swirling in the glass, the lights, the strange air, the sound of silverware tapping plates, the nods and gestures, the falling asleep afterwards, exhausted, surrounded by too many pillows, the TV still flickering.

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