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Thursday, January 11, 2007

So remember the mystery Sauvignon Blanc that I loved but didn't have the name for? I asked one of our directors about it, and he actually brought me a bottle. Turns out the wine is the Sauvignon Republic 2006 from Stellenbosch, which retails for about $18.

Sauvignon Republic Cellars is interesting. The operation is based in Santa Rosa, and its entire focus is Sauvignon Blanc. They only make three wines -- one from the Russian River Valley, another from Marlborough and a third -- and the one I fell in love with -- from South Africa. The goal, apparently, is to showcase different terroir.

We opened our bottle of 06 Stellenbosch on Tuesday night. (I figure since we're moving, we might as well try to drink as much wine as possible, so we don't have to haul it all with us.) The first time I had this wine, I remember thinking grassy and slightly dirty (but in the best of ways). This time around, I got grapefruit, grapefruit, grapefruit -- on the nose, on the palate, everything. Reminded me of a fabulous drink you might order at Sunday brunch. Crisp, fresh, yummy.

But I'm wondering why I tasted such different things the first time I had this wine. Was it the food? (I had it with a big, fancy meal the first time vs. pizza the second time.) Was it the company? (Board of directors in suits and ties vs. at home with the bf and our cats.) Did my tastebuds change somehow? (I just found out I have allergy-induced asthma -- maybe the medicine affected things? Or being stuffed up for so long?)

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