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I'm thrilled to once again be an ambassador for Coeur Sports, an L.A.-based company specializing in women's triathlon, cycling and running gear.

This is my third year on the Coeur team, and the group is so much more than a brand. Yes, the gear is bad-ass and comfortable and looks great and my lady parts don't ever want to wear any other tri shorts ever. (Also, my cats love Coeur and enjoy stealing my tri shorts off of the drying rack and hiding them under the bed.)

But it's the people who really make the team what it is. I've met so many rock star ladies through Coeur -- these gals have talked me through pre-race jitters, supported me on the course and helped make the transition to my new life in the Twin Cities so much smoother.

Our Minnesota crew!

As a huge thank you to Coeur and the fantastic community they've helped create for female athletes, here's a list of our team sponsors:

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