who is michaela?

Ten things about me:

  1. I never in my life thought I would do an Ironman. I've done two now: Arizona 2014 and Louisville 2015.
  2. I have three cats named Mari, Maček and Mouse. They're all rescues and they're all ginger girls (which apparently is really rare -- only one in five orange cats is female).
  3. Japan is at the top of my travel destination list. Also up there: Cuba, South Africa, Iceland, Yap. (Yes, folks, there is absolutely a place called Yap.)
  4. I used to be a newspaper reporter. I also used to think I would write the Great American Novel. Now I kind of just want to ride my bike and eat hot dogs.
  5. Slugs terrify me.
  6. My parents are immigrants. And I guess I'm an immigrant, too, since I was born in Manila, Philippines. I haven't been back since we moved to the U.S. (And since the Philippines is not on my top travel destinations list, does this make me a terrible person? Don't answer that.)
  7. I have a tough time staying in one place for too long.
  8. Books are good. So is tofu. And so is a bloody steak.
  9. I like horror movies and creepy dolls and taxidermy and old cemeteries.
  10. I feel like I'm too old for Snapchat.

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