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Friday, April 29, 2016

So I'm back in Washington at Annie's bachelorette party, which means the mister is overseeing the cats.

And I've discovered he can't tell the difference between cat barf, a hairball and poop.

We had a 30-minute conversation tonight about the texture, color, smell and overall placement of something he thought was poop but I'm pretty sure was a pile of cat barf.

Me: Was it like a dog poop but smaller? Was it dark brown? Was it hard? Because someone barfed yesterday. It had pieces of dry food in it. Was there dry food? I don't understand why they would just poop on the floor. I haven't even been gone that long. Why does this always happen when you're taking care of them? Are you sure it's poop? Can you look in the litterbox and compare? This is really a poor choice if someone is actually pooping on the floor. How big was it?

Him: I picked it up with toilet paper and flushed it. I'll take a picture next time.

By the way, this is where I am right now. Not shown: Any sort of feline expulsion.

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