made it to louisville

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Not going to lie: Packing Minivan for the first time was scary.

Pool noodles are the best bike packing life hack ever.

But we made it safely to Louisville.

With my tn Multisports teammate Char, who's hungry for a Kona qualifier.

And thanks to the incredible Mike at Old Bikes Belong, Minivan is reassembled and ready for a test ride tomorrow. (Louisville will be Mike's first Ironman. And his first triathlon ever. Talk about balls out. Figuratively, of course. We really wouldn't want Mike to race with his balls out because it would probably hurt.)

Mike also took Char and me to the swim start (assuming the swim will actually happen). At night, the Ohio River doesn't look scary. In fact, I'd venture to say it's downright pretty.

And then we went to the transition area, and I found where Minivan will be racked.

Can't believe it's finally race weekend.

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Kristina said...

That is so exciting for you! I've been reading and definitely agree with you about the second IM - different from the first, and also taper - I love it!
Enjoy all the pre-race fun stuff.

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