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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tonight I called my dad to tell him about my weekend, and he talked to me about his poo for 10 minutes. He told me that you can, indeed, break a plunger. And that he worries about the amount of water he wasted trying to flush the toilet when California is in a drought. And then he asked me if it's OK if he goes to the gym not to work out, but to shower there instead of at home, since he already used his water allocation for the day.

And you wonder why my brain is the way it is.

Anyway, let's talk about my weekend and how awesome my tri team's women-only bike camp was.

I packed sleeveless kits. Because the weather was just that good.

The house we stayed at sat right on the Columbia River.

And we rode around Lake Chelan.

Isn't it hideous?

I have so much love for these ladies.

Best part of triathlon = The friendships.

My friend Amy (who's next to me in the black tank top) said it best at dinner Saturday when she described the group as bright, humble, supportive and girly, but strong, tough-as-nails athletes who work hard for what they want. It's inspiring to be around these women.

It's also inspiring to see a hill and want to go up it instead of around it. And to look back on where I was at this time last year and realize how far I've come since. I rode faster, climbed better and went longer this year. (Apparently, I'm also a Daft Punk song.) True, part of this may have been the 11-28 cassette, but I'm viewing my old 12-25 as a bad relationship -- you think you have to put up with it for so long and tell yourself it will be OK if you can just try harder, but the second you ditch it, you realize there is more to life out there. (I know, right? You're welcome.)

Hooray for gearing!

Hooray for going out way too hard on Day 1!

Hooray for Day 2 and pretending like my hips aren't killing me because I went out too hard!

Hooray for attempting McNeil Canyon on Day 3 despite hips and fear!

Other bike camp highlights:

Recovery Pump boots, Doritos and Coach Mark's potato salad.

There was also a hot tub. And a fire pit. And s'mores. 

But the very, very best part:

Yes, that is a BUCKET OF FRIES. And there is nothing better in the whole entire world than finishing a good ride with good people and ordering $10 worth of salty goodness.

Don't worry. I shared. We're a team, after all.


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Michaela said...

Those boots were AMAZING.

Kristina said...

I was going to be so impressed if the fries were all for you!
Sounds like such a great experience. One of these days, I really want to go to a bike or tri camp.

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