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Thursday, February 05, 2015

I came home from a work trip to New York (yes, the insane amount of travel continues) to find a package full of this:

My Team Coeur kit!

Of course, I immediately put these goodies to use. Because if I'm going to eat hot dogs wrapped in pancakes for post-run dinner (don't judge -- I've been traveling too much to go to the grocery store), I might as well do it with heart and courage. 

Also, the hat matches my bathrobe. And yes, that's the poop bathrobe.

And in case you are wondering, the kit is very good for carrying large ginger cats like they are infants. No chafing, and the top does not ride up. 

No angry kitty!

In all seriousness, though: I'm beyond stoked to be part of Team Coeur. And I can't wait to represent in New Orleans. The race becomes more and more real each day -- in fact, I had a brick workout today, and I have one again Saturday and another Sunday. And Coach Mark is pushing me in the pool -- lots of emphasis on sprinting and hard efforts. I still feel like a crazy person for having signed up for a 70.3 so early in the season, but a little insanity keeps life interesting.


Layla said...

Your version of "no angry kitty" makes me laugh so much. So much.

Kristina said...

Good luck with New Orleans! You'll definitely be rocking the Coeur kit!

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