Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Since I'm currently congested, achey and exhausted -- with a sore throat and possibly also a low-grade fever -- I'm not even going to try to write anything clever.

Instead: Let's look at pictures.

Uni -- sea urchin -- is in season right now.

If uni is on the menu in any shape or form -- like this panna cotta -- I order it.

Meanwhile, Frank is especially proud of his new look.

The best part of that Super Bowl terrible blowout damn you Seahawks game? This food.

This guy wasn't so bad either. Although that hat was hideous.

I took my stepson to work. And registered for Seawheeze.

Dear Coach Mark: I can't run worth shit, but I can make your future triathlete a killer diaper cake.

Speaking of babies, this sleepy potato is my new nephew David.

His older brother Nicholas made us play trains. Note: Nicholas does not have a Seahawks hat. In fact, Nicholas and his family are good 49er fans.


Angela said...

Ugh, sorry you're under the weather. It seems to be going around.

But yes, all uni all the time is a sentiment I can definitely support.

Anonymous said...

Your nephew is adorable and I love the diaper cake. (All those pretty photos of food and the one that catches my eye? Diapers!)

Hope you're all better now.

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