Monday, July 08, 2013

Six days until the big race. I think maybe this means I'm tapering now. But if I didn't actually really train, am I actually really tapering? Such are the big questions in my life at the moment. (Other big questions: What can I eat next? Is it time for third lunch? What do cats think about all day?)

I did my last long ride this past Thursday -- 56 miles. Which brought my total bike mileage last week to 109 -- the most I've ever ridden in one week in my whole life. (By the way, I don't necessarily recommend going from zero miles one week to 109 miles the next. Especially if you'd like to retain sensation in your lady parts.) Highlights from the ride included this random field somewhere near Redmond:

The random guy who rode up next to me just to tell me that the matchy-matchiness of my bike kit was awesome. (Seriously, why isn't the fourth event in triathlon a fashion contest? I could go pro.)

And this random prison park bathroom that was much worse than any dirty port-a-potty I have ever been in:

There were no stall doors. And no toilet seats. And dirty toilet paper everywhere. And have I ever told you that I have recurring dreams about awkward horrible bathrooms? Like bathrooms where the stall door is too short, so everyone can see you sitting there on the toilet. And bathrooms where the toilets are overflowing. And bathrooms where the toilets are arranged in a group format, so everyone goes together. And bathrooms where the floor leading up to the toilet is so steep that you have to crawl on your hands and knees to make it to the commode without slipping. (I am a normal person, I swear.)

Imagine my horror when I stepped into this bathroom and my nightmares became reality! And yet I went anyway, because I really had to go and I pee really fast, so I figured I could out-pee anyone who might walk in. (Peeing should be another triathlon event. I would also win that one.)

I also swam at Alki over the weekend. (Look! I have friends here in Seattle!)

And then did a little SUP afterward.

Another personal nightmare: Photos of myself in a bikini. Apparently, tapering means facing your demons head-on. Or maybe butt-on, as this photo would imply.


dirtytsang said...

You look great M! On the other hand, that bathroom looked quite the opposite.

The Boring Runner said...

OH MY GOD. That bathroom. Just... wow. How am I supposed to get anything else out of this post except for that!?

Have fun this weekend!! Enjoy the time with your friends!

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