austin: the land of queso

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's no secret that I love oozy, fatty, melty cheese. In college, I lived off of Del Taco nacho fries, an off-menu culinary wonder so gooey that it comes with a fork. I've also been known to go to 7-11 and get the nachos -- you know, the kind that you pour into a paper bowl and then cover with pump-it-yourself cheese from a machine. Oh, beautiful guilty pleasure!

So imagine my joy when I arrived in Austin, and almost every restaurant we went to had some form of melted cheese on the menu. And the cheese was quality cheese -- not just some artificial, semi-orange stuff from a squeeze bag.

I had queso at Curra's Grill with fresh tortillas. And queso with breakfast (I told you this was an obsession) at Kerbey Lane. But my hands-down favorite queso from the weekend was from Torchy's Tacos.

Dear god. If only there was a swimming pool full of that stuff.


In other cheese-related news, Karen and I have selected our route for this Sunday's long ride. (Yes, that's right -- I'm talking about cheese and cycling in the same sentence. Are you really that surprised?) We'll be exploring Marin and stopping at two creameries along the way. Perhaps I should figure out how I can strap a cooler to my bike. (How many grams will that add?) 

Oh, and I think we're going out for fondue tonight for Thai's birthday.



And since this post has ADD, here are some other things that happened in Austin:



naomi said...

I've always wanted my own pair of cowboy boots. And the queso looks amazing - way better than Chili's queso (the only place I've ever had queso).

Anonymous said...

where did you drink a coconut??

also: i wish i had a picture of you stuck in that dress. MAJOR oversight on my part. xoxo, shaymo

Michaela said...

I had one when I was waiting in line at the Indian food truck. I finished the entire coconut before I got my food -- that's how long the line was!

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