Monday, November 26, 2012

... days since my last post. So I'll give you 15 really random things:

One: I was there when Shaya lost her virginity -- her racing virginity, that is. (Yes, it's a dumb joke. So yes, I had to.) She joined us a few weekends ago for the Awesome '80s Run, an excellent choice for a first 10K. What better way to soothe the nerves than by drinking the night before and dressing like a fool? Shaya did a fantastic job -- proud of her and looking forward to running with her in Austin in February, when she surrenders her 13.1 V-card.

Two: I don't care if it's 2012. I really like leg warmers. And those leg warmers in the photo above? Not just a costume, folks. (Should I be admitting this?)

Three: I will need to learn German. Why? I'm Berlin-bound next September. (Since we're surrendering V-cards left and right here, might as well do my first international race, yes?) The funny part: Race fees for Berlin are $100 cheaper than New York. Even funnier: I still don't know what's going on with my New York status. Funniest ever: NYRR's definition of communication.

Four: For Thanksgiving, I tested my parents' love for me by convincing them to do a turkey trot. They're good sports. My mom actually used a port-a-potty. And I set a new 5K PR (26:16).

Five: Speaking of L.A., have you ever gone to a Koreatown spa? The kind where all the spa-goers are totally nude and you get scrubbed down with a Brillo pad by a don't-mess-with-me woman in nothing but a bra and panties? So that was my other Thanksgiving activity. My skin is still ridiculously soft from the scouring.

Six: Over the past few days, I've ingested the equivalent of an entire can of Spam. Before you judge, realize that Spam is like comfort food -- I grew up eating it with fried eggs and garlic rice for breakfast (freaking awesome). My parents know this is my weak spot (topped only by Del Taco, which is almost always the first stop after the airport when I'm in L.A. -- seriously, do not judge), so whenever I'm in town, they have Spam. This time, they even sent me home with two cans. Thankfully, airport security did not ask questions.

Seven: My friend gave me an autographed Scott Jurek poster that says: "Michaela, dig deep!" Oh, Scott Jurek: I'll dig however you want me to dig.

Eight: P.S. Scott Jurek, I finished your book. It got a little emo at the end, but I still love you. Don't worry -- you'll never be Dean Karnazes.

Nine: After taking a month off from swimming to focus on the marathon, I'm back in the pool again. I'm also trying to learn more strokes besides freestyle and (a very crooked) backstroke. I'll be excited when the breaststroke doesn't make me feel like a frog stuck in mud. (I'll also be excited when I can say breaststroke without giggling. Maturity at its finest.)

Ten: I know this will come as a surprise, but I ate ramen. This is the tonkotsu black bowl from Robata Jinya:

Eleven: See that egg in the photo above? My chickens have yet to create anything remotely like it. All they do is eat and poo and fly over the fence and make me have to chase them around. At least they are nice to look at. And they give me a reason to drive around with stuff like this in the back of my car (I'm officially from Sonoma County now):

Twelve: My new favorite kitchen appliance is the slow cooker. Throwing a bunch of things into a pot and turning the dial to "on" before I leave for work is pretty much the best thing ever. In fact, I am so in love with the slow cooker (are you jealous, Scott Jurek?) that the next food party my friends and I are planning to throw will have a crockpot theme. (And yes, Scott Jurek, you are invited. Let me guess -- you'll be bringing the vegan dish, correct?)

Thirteen: I found heaven. OK, so it was a farm in Napa with 25 feral cats. Apparently, people have been dumping cats on this couples' property, and they're now trying to find homes for the animals. If you're interested, let me know. Many of the cats are already spayed and neutered.

Fourteen: I brought a kitten home yesterday! She's not one of the ferals from the farm above (I was worried I wouldn't be home enough to be able to properly socialize a feral). But she is a rescue from a high-kill shelter in Fresno. Her name is Mandy, and she has the loudest purr I've ever heard. Isn't she adorable?

Fifteen: And yes, I've been counting down throughout this post to announce that news. New baby! So exciting!


naomi said...

There's so much I want to comment on in this post, but I'll spare you my rants and just say, Yes, I've been to one of those Korean spas. :)

Michaela said...

Hahaha! The Korean spa is kind of an awesome thing. In a very invasive way. Yet still so awesome.

Anonymous said...

this post made me miss you today! xoxo, shaya

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