Thursday, March 22, 2012

I could make an analogy here.

Like how a blog is sort of like a relationship, and if you stay away for long periods, it becomes more and more difficult to come back. And each day you think: "Tomorrow, I will make it better." But with each day, you are less and less sure of what to say and then suddenly: Too much silence.


In the past few weeks, I've started several posts. I've tried to write about the rain (which went on for a week straight), ramen adventures (which involved purple noodles made with wine and a much-anticipated meal at Ippudo) and the search for the perfect WSD bike saddle (I'm presently testing the Vesta, which has a cartoon on it and kind of makes me feel like I'm sitting on someone's face).

I've also tried making lists. For example, current obsessions: Shellac manicures in less-than-professional hues (purple glitter, anyone?), Dungeness crab, curation (of clothes, shoes, furniture, books – less is more). Upcoming events: The first tri of the season is Saturday (and it will be my first time ever wearing a wetsuit). What is new: The bruise on my left knee, how my hair is 12 inches shorter, this view.


Layla said...

You took 12 inches off your hair?! How did I miss this? Oh, wait, because I haven't seen you in eons! We must rectify this situation soon -- preferably with those long-overdue cocktails and truffle fries.

Good luck tomorrow!! I can't wait to hear how the wet suit goes...

derrick said...

This is too much silence! Your blog (and it's readers) misses you. I want to hear about it all! well maybe except for the manis. good luck!

Michaela said...

Yes, 12 inches! I donated it to Locks of Love.

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow. About to head to packet pickup.

Michaela said...

Aw thanks, D! I know, I know -- I need to be better about updating.

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