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happy cakes

I just scrolled through some of my recent posts, and it seems my definition of post-race recovery involves eating extraordinary quantities of food. Instead of marathons, I've been indulging in eat-a-thons.

And honestly, can you really blame me when there are cupcakes like these around?

We discovered Cynically Delicious at Bazaar Bizarre last weekend.

Their red velvet cupcakes, complete with hipster mustache, were a huge hit. (Although it seemed like anything with a mustache was the trend at the craft show -- everybody had something with a mustache on it -- T-shirts, tote bags, magnets. There was even a giant plush mustache as large as my torso.)

But the best cupcakes -- the ones I absolutely could not resist -- were the Crapcakes. That's right -- a rich, luscious chocolate cupcake decorated like poo, complete with marzipan fly.

Mmmm. Poo.


Anonymous said...

um, ummmmmazing. xoxo, shaymo

Michaela said...

If you ever move up here, I'll throw you a welcome party and special-order the poo cupcakes just for you!