Monday, February 15, 2010

Just finished an amazing meal of white truffles that our mushroom expert friend brought back from a recent foray in Oregon. We cooked up some pappardelle with an Asiago cream sauce and then topped it with shaved truffles right before serving. Seriously: The perfect way to end the long weekend.

And what a weekend it's been. We've been moving stuff into the new house throughout the past few days -- any time there's a spare second, we're shuttling over boxes and clothing and whatever we can shove into our cars. And we've been trying to get rid of all the things we can't take with us -- had a garage sale Saturday, which overlapped a raid-the-wine collection party. (My memory gets fuzzy here -- I seem to recall telling those last few garage sale shoppers to make me an offer because "I am drinking and cannot bargain.")

Then yesterday was Valentine's Day, and I volunteered to work at the wine bar because I hate the damn holiday so much and figured I'd rather make some money than spend it on contrived Hallmark sentiments. Luckily for me, most of the world succumbs to said sentiments, and I ended up bringing in quite a bit of cash last night. Never thought I'd say this, but hooray for gender roles and feeling unnaturally pressured to order Champagne and dessert "just because."

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