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Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's candy cap time, so we spent today at Salt Point hunting mushrooms. At first, it seemed like the woods had already been picked over, and we had to dig through layers and layers of pine needles to find anything worth harvesting. (Because of the rain, a lot of the mushrooms were in the process of rotting -- really mushy and slimy.) But then Jonah found this little ravine that turned out to be the jackpot for candy caps. (Probably because most people don't go down a ravine looking for mushrooms, but that's exactly what Jonah and Todd did. Climbing down muddy slopes isn't my forté, so I stayed on solid ground.) Then I found a ton of candy caps under a tree near the parking lot -- probably overlooked because their location was a little too obvious. I also found lots of yellow foot chanterelles and what I think might be fluted black elfin saddles, which are also edible (although I want to make sure we've identified them right first).

We have so many candy caps now -- we're planning to do a dinner with them later this week. And I think we'll probably also try to dry some. (Gotta figure out the best way to do this!) And I want to look up some recipes for candy cap cookies and ice cream and -- of course -- cupcakes.

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